Sewing the Yukata

Preparation for cutting the yukata rolls

Select fabric by color, patterns and material of your preference.
Check if the fabric meets the required dimensions, and then examine for weave scratches, uneven dyeing, stains, etc.
If you find some weave scratches, it is best to have it exchanged with a new piece of cloth. However, under inevitable circumstances, mark the scratched part with a stitch that stands out and arrange the fabric so that the unwanted part is used hidden below the Obi sash, under the Ohashori, a layer of extra fabric around the waist, under the Kake-eri, an over collar, or inside the side stitchings, etc,.
Rebasing, estimation, and adjusting of patterns are conducted according to the following procedures.
Fabrics with plain and fine patterns do not require pattern matching, but bold and glamorous patterns require matching.

01.Rebasing Tutorial
02.Estimation Tutorial
03.Pattern matching Tutorial
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