Folding the Yukata

Folding the Yukata

Maintenance of the Yukata

A single use can get Yukata quite dirty with sweat during the summer. Wash out the badly stained parts separately in advance. In order to prevent ERI from losing its silhouette, stitch along the center of ERI down to about 20cm below KEN-SAKI with rough 2cm stitches.

Fold the Yukata in a simplified SODE-DATATAMI form, in half from the back seam line placing the two sleeves together. Place it in a net and wash in a washing machine with neutral detergent at a delicate cycle. Spin dry for a very short time of about 30 to 60 seconds. Hang on a hanger, flap it with both hands and let it dry in the shade. Iron it while still half dry.

Use synthetic starch if needed in order to prevent molds.

How to fold the Yukata

動画 | 反転動画

Lay the Yukata open, front side up, so that its shoulders are at your left and the hem line is on your right.
Fold the right panel in from its side seam. Smooth out and flatten the wrinkles with your hands.
Fold back the right Okumi panel at the Okumi seam line over the front panel with its back side out.
Bring the left Okumi side line over to the right panel in line with the right Okumi line.
Hold on to the left side seam and lay it over the right side seam.

Adjust the center back seam at the same time.
Fold up in half.
Shift the upper body panel to a position that is easy to fold.
Fold the neck line inside into the upper body part along the collar seam.
Place the left and right collars together. Smooth out and flatten the wrinkles with your hands.
Place the two shoulder lines and the sleeve seams together.
Fold the left sleeve at the sleeve seam over to the body panel.
Placing your right hand in the center of the body panel and making sure there is no wrinkles, hold on to the hem line with your left hand and fold up in half.
Turn it over.
Fold the right sleeve at the seam onto the body panel to finish.
Fold up HANHABA-OBI in half.
Fold it in half again.
Fold the OBI just like a folding screen.
Smooth out and flatten the wrinkles and fold the DATE-JIME and KOSHI-HIMO.
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