Sewing the Yukata


The "Kimono" culture has evolved through deep engagement with the Japanese life and nature, supported by technologies related to dyeing, weaving, sewing and wearing of the "Kimono".

However, as daily clothing are Westernized and ready-made garments more widespread, these techniques and cultures are becoming more and more difficult to be recognized in general today:

Particularly the sewing technology, as hand sewing is still its mainstream.

In the past, the skill of hand sewing was inherited from grandmother to mother, and from mother to daughter. However, such opportunities have decreased as trend towards nuclear families took root and convenient equipment grew popular.

This "How to sew" section explains the procedures for “Making one layer Kimono such as Yukata" using video and still images for easy approach even for those who are challenging Japanese dressmaking for the first time.

Even the finest of manual procedures that are confusing to explain in words are made easier to understand through still images and videos.

We hope you will challenge making one layer Kimono such as Yukata taking advantage of this site.


Professor Nomiyama of Otsuma Women's University, the pearls of wisdom for the Kimono culture, has supported our project from the beginning and has provided us with the main source of information for this section.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Professor Nomiyama for allowing us to use extracts from videos and publications that had been prepared for the guidance of the students at her institution's laboratory, and for the "The Basic Kimono by Illustrations" (Publisher: Oufuu in 2008).

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